MFCC Plug Bag

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Unlike other bags on the market, this bag can easily store large lures commonly fished at the Cape Cod Canal, such as the 9 inch Magic Swimmer, large pencil poppers, and other big lures.

In fact these plug bags can even store lures and jigs intended for bluefin tuna. The bags are deep and wide so you will hopefully never have to deal with tangled up lures again!

The bags also feature compartments and sleeves for storing leader material, bucktails jigs, metals, soft plastics and more - in an organized fashion.

In addition, there is a mesh sleeve for your water bottle, and a spot for your fish gripper. There are no grommets or drainage holes.

To date we have sold over 100 of these bags and have received very little negative feedback. People seem very happy with their purchase.

Please let us know how you like our bag, and thank you for supporting MFCC!

Dimensions of this bag are 12"x11"x5" and the strap can extend to a length of 27".